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Facts, not Disinformation

“It’s nice, in this day and age,

the [whole] truth does still exist.”

Fact Check

There’s a lot of mistruths and disinformation floating around. Here’s a fact check.

Pam Johnson and Mark Grossman did not vote for the latest HOA dues increase.
This is true, but was it responsible?

Insurance, legal, printing, and more. Costs have simply gone up. A well-researched and balanced budget was presented to the Board that worked out to a $28 increase in the annual assessment (that’s $2.25/mo). It would have been fiscally irresponsible to approve an under-funded budget. If Grossman and Johnson had better ideas, they should have fulfilled their Board duty and stated them.

Remember, though…

  • Pam Johnson voted to raise dues THREE times since joining the Board in 2016 for a total of 40+% of dues increases (from $140 to $155 to $165 to $198).
    HOA Dues History
    • Johnson presided over the financially mismanaged front entrance project going significantly over budget (e.g., $7,000+ for the center median “bird cage”).
    • Johnson insisted that the HOA assume responsibility for landscaping along Triunfo — costs the City had been paying for decades.
    Grossman, Johnson and Whiteman state that CC&R and Architectural Rules are “not being enforced”
    This is false.

    It’s difficult to respond to blatantly false statements. Suffice it to say that under Teitelbaum, Honig, and Kerman’s leadership, the current CC&Rs and ARC rules are followed carefully and in a neighborly way. It typically starts with a simple phone call and discussion and often resolved without fines.

    We fear that Grossman, Johnson and Whiteman will ensure their definition of compliance by:

    Patrolling the streets
    • Sending violations for the smallest infraction they perceive
    • Preserving the character of our neighborhood, circa 1989.

      Grossman and Johnson state the budget “has been exceeded by a fair amount.”
      This is false.

      Last year we came in under, and this year we came in at, budget. See for yourself in the State mandated reporting sent to all homeowners. Johnson likes to call out line items where estimates were exceeded, but fails to acknowledge those line items coming in under budget. Frankly, Johnson has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of understanding of how budgets work.

      “The rules don’t need changing.”
      This is contrary to professional advice and best practices.




      Our HOA’s CC&Rs were written over 40 years ago by the original developer of the neighborhood — drafted primarily for the protection of the developer, not the residents.  As a result, our CC&Rs contain a significant amount of irrelevant and antiquated rules and restrictions.  With Mark, Steve and Keith’s votes, the Board has initiated the process of reviewing all of our governing documents to: 

      • Comply with current federal, state and local laws and regulations
      • Remove portions which are irrelevant or antiquated
        • Special assessments for children living in your residence
        • Garages can ONLY be used to house cars
        • You’re limited on the number of guests you’re allowed to have in your home
        • No parking cars on your own driveway
      • Clarify language that is vague, causing unnecessary homeowner headaches and creating HOA liability exposure.

      We firmly believe that updated Governing Documents will ensure a more peaceful neighborhood AND help maintain our property values.

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