Keith Honig

Mark Teitelbaum

Steve Kerman

for Three Springs HOA Board of Directors

Why do we care?

You are our neighbors, and we are yours. For two years, we have been volunteer workers, undertaking various projects on behalf of Three Springs homeowners. We believe they benefit our community in so many ways. We are asking for a third year to finish some of these key efforts. We care and thank you for your interest and, we ask for your votes.

Why should you care?

The simple truth is, with very little common property and state and federal laws in place, Three Springs HOA shouldn’t require much to run. “Shouldn’t” and “real world” don’t always align, but they can.

To have a neighborly community, without drama, that avoids homeowner liability while preserving your rights … we simply need to bring our HOA up to current “best practices” with basic fundamentals in place. That’s not just our opinion, it’s the opinion of the professionals.

Time to finish the tasks at hand.

There are three principles on which Mark, Steve & Keith originally ran that, we strongly believe will impact and benefit every homeowner:

    1. Cultivating a more neighborly feeling of community
    2. Updating the HOA’s governing documents, rules and regulations
    3. Eliminating unnecessary liability exposure for all homeowners

As current board members, Mark, Steve & Keith have made a lot of progress towards these goals. Now, these three incumbents need your votes so that you don’t lose all of this progress.

We’re almost there!

This election is about whether to finish the tasks at hand, or return to the past.

We need your support.

Please use ALL five of your votes across these three candidates.

Each home has FIVE votes to cast. We ask you to cast 2 votes to one of us, 2 votes to another, and 1 vote to the third… in any order you prefer.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Mark, Steve & Keith are ALL long time Three Springs residents who cherish this community and want to preserve its appeal and property values for both current and future homeowners.  They believe the best way to accomplish this is by:

Cultivating a more neighborly culture

Prior to Mark, Keith, and more recently Steve joining the Board, many homeowners experienced highly restrictive and even punitive oversight. There was a widespread pattern of overzealous policing, often on trivial matters. There are countless examples of the Board imposing their personal tastes on homeowners. Selective enforcement of rules was the norm, and any reasonable standard of neighborliness didn’t exist.

Mark, Steve and Keith have always believed there is a better way for our Board to deal with neighbors and were elected on a platform of creating a more neighborly Three Springs.  Just ask the more than 150 homeowners who submitted architectural applications over the last two years.

Updating governing documents

Our HOA’s CC&Rs were written over 40 years ago by the original developer of the neighborhood — drafted primarily for the protection of the developer, not the residents.  As a result, our CC&Rs contain a significant amount of irrelevant and antiquated rules and restrictions.  With Mark, Steve and Keith’s votes, the Board has initiated the process of reviewing all of our governing documents to: 

  • Comply with current federal, state and local laws and regulations
  • Remove portions which are irrelevant or antiquated
    • Special assessments for children living in your residence
    • Garages can ONLY be used to house cars
    • You’re limited on the number of guests you’re allowed to have in your home
    • No parking cars on your own driveway
  • Clarify language that is vague, causing unnecessary homeowner headaches and creating HOA liability exposure.

We firmly believe that updated Governing Documents will ensure a more peaceful neighborhood AND help maintain our property values.

    Eliminating unnecessary homeowner liability and financial exposure

    The HOA’s attorneys have pointed out that – as currently written – our CC&Rs expose homeowners to potential liabilities which put homeowners at significant financial risk, let alone impact on property values. This can only be avoided by updating our governing documents.


    The Challenge

    It’s Your Choice

    While Mark, Steve and Keith’s visions for Three Springs are transparent and straightforward, they are unfortunately not shared by everyone. Current board members Pam Johnson and Mark Grossman have been resistant in implementing changes.  They view violation enforcement as a necessary first line measure to garner adherence to current rules.

    Mark, Steve and Keith have the demonstrated experience, personal commitment, fiscal understanding, and positive working relationships with both the City of Westlake Village and the HOA’s own general counsel to keep us moving forward.

    Other candidates want to stifle progress, allowing your liability exposure to continue, and keep us in the past. 

    We Can’t Do It Without You

    In order to put these fundamentals in place, it takes maintaining the majority that all three of the collaborative incumbents represent.


    That is why it is important to re-elect all three of our candidates. Please cast ALL five of your votes for Mark, Steve, and Keith, allocated as you wish. (Note: You may vote for a candidate more than once).

    Hear for Yourself
    The Facts from the Candidates

    Why are the candidates running, in their own words…

    Keith Honig

    Incumbent, Board Treasurer

    Mark Teitelbaum

    Incumbent, Board President

    Steve Kerman

    Incumbent, Board Secretary

    About individual issues: Get the facts right from the source.


    Architectural Guidelines

    Importance of Voting


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